10 Reasons why being a YP Rocks

By Elizabeth Purcell (Just to make sure we are all on the same page before we get started…the official definition of “YP” from UrbanDictionary.com is “Young Professional”)

1. Options are all you have! Whether you love where you are in life or you don’t, the opportunities are endless.  Being at the early stages of your career can be frightening but at the same time rather empowering

2. Minimal baggage We have enough money to have fun, go out, and experience life… but minimal baggage (or major responsibility that inhibits us from living life to the fullest and taking advantage of all it has to offer)

3. Happy hour is never just an hour long Because who can resist $2 off all taps and glasses of wine? From working happy hours in suits and ties to those less formal happy hours that end at Domino’s…these are hours where we make business deals, network, sometimes make questionable decisions, and maybe even meet that “special someone”

4. Embrace change It was Winston Churchill that said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  As a YP, we have the ultimate flexibility to make changes and can afford taking a career risk in hopes that it works out because time is on our side

5. Staying in on a Friday night is acceptable While we do enjoy a night out with our fellow YPs, we can also appreciate a low-key night-in watching Netflix. Our friends may pretend to judge us when they get a text saying “I’m staying in tonight” but in reality we know they are glad they can press play on the next episode of House of Cards

6. Global perspective Growing up in a world that is becoming smaller and smaller each day, our generation has learned to appreciate and embrace diversity. We’ve gained global perspective, have learned to live outside our own bubble, and view the world on a macro level

7. Our parents become our friends again We can all relax because our parents did their job and we “turned out okay”. We can tell our parents about the things we did in high school that would have gotten us grounded

8. Respect People realize we’ve got it together and they respect us for it. When speaking with older folks who have more life experience than us, we find a way to relate and hold our own in the conversation

9. We are still in touch with college life Sometimes we feel we can relate better with the interns in our office than our own peers…especially when we overhear the interns talking about their late night shenanigans

10. You’re in Charge We might not know exactly where our life is going, but we’ve realized that we are the captain of our own destiny — and that’s pretty awesome