2019 Wisconsin Young Professional Award Winners

Last month we celebrated the third annual Wisconsin Young Professional Awards announced at the third annual Magnet Charity Fete!

In 2017 Madison Magnet, Madison’s largest Young Professional organization launched the Wisconsin Young Professional Awards as a tool to elevate the work of young professionals across the state of Wisconsin. The platform awards three Wisconsin Young Professionals who are acknowledged by the community to benefit professionals through community involvement, professional development and networking.

Mission Possible

This award is given to the Wisconsin Young Professional who is constantly working to elevate the professional development opportunities for other YPs in the community.

2019 Mission Possible Award Winner: Danielle Melfi, Assistant Secretary at Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Danielle exemplifies the Mission Possible YP Award. In her career, assisting with political campaigns, she has proven that anything is possible. Her commitment to her candidates and her causes have helped her develop successful campaigns and create lasting change in the communities she serves. Currently, Danielle is the Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Appointed by the Governor to this role, Danielle oversees current policies and programs, oversees new legislation impacting her department, and works to make Wisconsin a better place for kids and families who need assistance. Danielle was working for Deloitte Consulting when she made a leap to community organizing and politics, inspired by a female leader who was making big changes in our country - Hillary Clinton. She served as an organizer, Chief of Staff, and Early Vote Director in New Hampshire, New York, and Wisconsin., Danielle also served as the Director of Political Engagement for Senator Tammy Baldwin, the Policy and Development Manager for THORN: Digital Defenders of Children. Her commitment to public service and the people of Wisconsin is unmatched. We are lucky to have her serving our state and representing our young professional community


(Community Involvement): This award is given to the Madison Young Professional who exemplifies qualities of one who is offering their time or services to better those less fortunate.

2019 Impact Award Winner: Norma Gallegos Valles, Workforce Manager, Centro Hispano


Norma is a game changer and an innovator. Her keen eye in program development and strategic management revamp, refund and develop new programs for the Latinx community.  As a journalist, she understands the power of words or a message has to disseminate empowerment.

Currently, she is now working with Centro Hispano as their Workforce Coordinator to continue advocating, motivating, and empowering the Latinx youth. 

Nomra has steadily paved her professional path through the sole guidance of her moral compass and integrity. As a millennial, she understands the responsibility bestowed on her shoulders of inheriting a legacy and continuing a stewardship for the Latinx community. As a women of color in the United States, she has defied the odds, barriers, and challenges with grace, determination and valor.

Spirited Connector

(Social Butterfly): This award is given to the Wisconsin Young Professional who exemplifies the qualities of social networking.

 2019 Spirited Connector Award Winner: Ann Tieman, Vice President, Branch Manager, Monona Bank


Ann is truly a “spirited connector” through her vast diversity of networking that comes through her involvement and the relationships she’s built within our community. Ann finds areas she’s passionate about and through the diversity of these groups she’s able to connect individuals through her network that normally would never meet or share ideas.

Ann’s commitment to her community has been apparent for many, many years now. Connecting people, and using her network for the benefit of others, is a talent which creates relationships that are greater than the sum of their parts.  

Place Ann in a room with 50 people she’s never met, and they’ll all walk out having met Ann after genuinely learning something about each other. Ann finds energy through networking and connecting people and is a valuable asset to her community.

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