Whether you’re on a semi-professional golf league and you subscribe to Golf Digest, or you last held a golf club in high school gym class, there’s a spot for you at Magnet’s 8th Annual Golf Outing. As you prep your golf bag (or scramble to collect clubs from your golfer friend), we’ve got your top 5 need-to-know details to help you brush up on your golf politesse.

1. Golf Etiquette
According to “Arnie’s Rules” on Golf Digest (yes, that is a thing), golf etiquette is as simple as remembering to turn your cell phone off, and keeping your temper under control (we’re looking at you, Woody Austin). Leave the course as nice as you found it by fixing ball marks and replacing divots, and if you’d only like to remember one rule of thumb to save thinking space for golf strategy, remember to be courteous to staff and other golfers.


Dress Code
But what does one wear to a golf scramble? Bridge’s dress code is casual – Magnet encourages collared shirts and dress pants, or skirts/dresses for ladies. Check out Golf.com for some golf style inspiration.

3. What’s a Four-Person Scramble?
In a four-person scramble, the four players on a team compete against one another. Each player hits from the tee box, after which the team members choose the best of the four shots for the next shot. All team members then play the second shot from that location, and again choose the best shot. Playing in a four-person scramble gives novice or occasional golfers an ability to contribute to a team’s success, and helps speed play. (See Arnie’s Rule #1.)

4. Golf terms
So you don’t know the difference between a bogey and a birdie? Fear not, we’ll get you started with the top five terms here. To learn more, or to giggle at some other funny golf vocabulary, check out PGA’s Golf Glossary.
• Par: The number of strokes recommended to take on a hole, either a three, four, or five.
• Birdie: A score of one under par on a hole.
• Bogey: A score of one over par on a hole.
• Ace: Hole in one!
• Divot: A piece of the ground removed when hitting the ball. Make sure you replace it! (See Arnie’s Rule #4.)

5. Not a pro? No problem.
Plenty of un-golf-like folks have tested the waters throughout golf history, like this guy and this guy. And hey, if they can do it, we’re totally confident you can too!

Be sure to register to join us on Friday, June 13 at Bridges Golf Course for Madison Magnet’s 8th Annual Golf Outing, or to RSVP for the after party under the tent at Bridges! We know Arnie would recommend it.