From Big Cheese to VP – Impact Report

As friends of the blog know, Madison Magnet is hot on the elevation train in 2018 and September brought us to new heights with a few viral events. A quick recap of what we did in Sept! 

Cento Happy Hour Featuring the American Heart Association

During our September Happy Hour, we raised awareness for the America Heart Association. As young professionals, our generation is more health conscious than any other group before us.  The American Heart Association is focused on helping companies create a culture of health and improve workplace wellness. From teaming up with city leaders, to driving initiatives that make healthier food options available in all neighborhoods to providing kids with more opportunities to be active in school – the AHA is making it easier to be healthy where we live, work, and play in South Central Wisconsin. Through events, programming, and education we are committed to our dedicated volunteers, providing year-round opportunities to get involved. We want to help you reach your best health potential!


Apps & Taps Networking & Fundraiser

On a wine-ier note, the Community Involvement Committee paired up with REACH-A-Child to host a happy hour to raise money for their organization. REACH-A-Child believes that the first response to every crisis should be a book (Lit nerds, unite!). Through donations and volunteering our support generated funds for equipping first responders with bags filled with children’s books. When First Responders encounter a child-in-crisis, they offer the child a book which the child gets to keep.


Cheese. Curd. Crawl.

It’s all about work-life balance for Magnet, and after the hard work volunteering, we headed out to Middleton to discover the BEST CHEESE CURD of 2018! Let’s just say ‘cheese was had.’ From Village Green to Longtable and then finally The Hody, our requirements included cheese to breading ratio, breading quality, cheese quality, dips and sauces and much more. After a blind vote, The Hody takes the crown for Madison Magnet’s 2018 Cheese Curd Crawl winner!

Post Script: This event was sold out and we know many of you were unable to attend. Stay tuned for the 2019 crawl so you can get on the list!


Rhumba for Rainbow

Dancing with the Stars fans, you missed out on this one! The Madison Magnet Community Involvement Committee volunteered at Rhumba for Rainbow 2018. This local fundraiser raises money to prevent childhood abuse and domestic violence. For this event, we had a pretty close hand in raising funds as Magnet volunteers ran the silent auction.


MagPro: YP to VP

Our last event of the month is one that we’re all very proud of. Sponsored by the Professional Development Committee, this event brought together state, city, and business leaders to answer our questions about the environment for Young Professionals in the workforce.


Tricia Braun, Chief Operating Officer for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation kicked us off with an understanding of the landscape at a larger level. She noted that the majority of communities in Wisconsin are losing citizens at a rapid rate as the result of low interest from the young professional community. After research, the WEDC launched a campaign targeting specific pockets of young professionals to educate and rebrand the state of Wisconsin. They also launched the Think Make Happen initiative, which is built to provide Young Professionals with the information needed for consideration.


Zach Brandon, President, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and previous Madison Magnet board member has made it one of his missions to understand how, why and when young talent is interested in Madison. Through a research study, the Chamber polled the country to see not only what they know about Madison, but also what they believe about our city. This research led him to help rebrand Madison from “Pleasantville” to a city of Seekers.

 The Workplace

Deborah Hamill, Senior HR Manager, Zendesk and Dan Kramer, Audit Office Managing Partner, BDO, are local HR and recruitment experts here in Madison, Wisconsin. As leaders in large corporations hiring many young professionals, they believe company culture is the single most important aspect in today’s workplace. Our generation focuses on community building – probably bolstered by our social networking patterns. They answered our hard questions about what corporations can do to recruit and retain talent, but also flipped it around to how young professionals can continue to stand out from the crowd and rise to leadership positions.

The good news is that we learned a lot. The better news is that we have even more questions. How does the size of Generation X in comparison the Baby Boomers create a ‘gap’ in the natural power structure? How do “millennials’” tendencies to be the most social generation change how we go about network development? How do we bridge the gap between today’s leaders and tomorrow’s? Where does mentorship start for those staring young new innovation?


And most importantly, we want to hear from YOU. There is no one who is more expert in the field of Madison Wisconsin’s young professional growth and leadership than you. Have something to say? Send us a note, we’d love to feature you in a blog, video or upcoming event.