What Do I Get in Return for Being a Magnet Member?

Magnet Golf Outing By Chris Gilbert

"What do I get in return for being a  Magnet member?"

This is the most frequently asked question I receive when talking to prospective new members. And to be perfectly honest, a completely fair and logical question to ask. It’s important to understand and know exactly what you will receive in any transaction, a Magnet membership is no different.

My typical response: “What would you like to get out of Magnet?”

In order to explain why, I’ll have to tell you a little about me. I moved to Madison from Michigan last January for a new job. I didn’t have any friends or family in the area and had to start new on my own. I was looking for things to do in town and found Magnet’s website. I saw an upcoming happy hour scheduled at the Ivory Room and decided to attend. For me personally, it was a good opportunity to meet some new people and see different parts of Madison.

I enjoyed the event and wanted to see how else I could get more involved. So, I decided to join the Community Involvement and Professional Development Committees. Not because I expected some big return from them at first, but to be perfectly frank, I was bored and needed something to do with my endless amounts of free time. After participating in a few events, I found out that I really started to enjoy volunteering my time and helping out. Roughly one year later, I am glad I joined and happy with all my experiences I have had with Magnet.

The point to all that, you get out of Magnet what you want to get out. For me, I wanted to meet some new people and possibly make some friends along the way. For others, it could be something different like:

-"I want to broaden my professional network in Madison" -"I want to get more involved in my community" -"I want to share my ideas to provide additional programming for YPs in Madison" -"I want to be a part of a local organization"

Whatever your membership goal, the only thing preventing you from achieving it is yourself. Everyone who joins Magnet has a goal of what they would like to get in return for their membership. Whatever that goal might be, Magnet can provide an opportunity to accomplish it. So, get involved, be assertive, and step out of your comfort zone. Or simply put, dive in head first. If you are willing to do that, you will be successful in accomplishing your goal.

So with that being said:

What would you like to get out of Magnet?

Interested in joining Magnet? Learn more about what you can get out of Magnet in this letter from our president.

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