Grab Your Cape & Go!

by Corinn Ploessl, Madison Magnet Board President I was first introduced to Rebecca Ryan through an article I read in BRAVA Magazine, published in October of 2013. Rebecca authored a piece titled, Have a Stake in the World: Futurist Rebecca Ryan’s Love Letter. After reading about her enthusiasm for making the world a better place for future generations, I knew I had to book her as a guest speaker someday. Well, that ‘someday’ arrived this year, just in time for YPWeek! I was so excited to be coordinating an event for someone that has been so passionate about paving the way for young leaders and the next generation.

Last Friday, Rebecca gave a keynote presentation over breakfast as part of YPWeek and let me tell you, she did not disappoint! She has been called a “human spark plug;” and rightfully so! Rebecca arrived ready and excited as ever to present her ideas to the emerging leaders that chose to join us. She even boasted about being over-prepared for the presentation due to the fact that she had prepared 17 trends to share, exceeding the promised 12.

IMG_3032During her keynote, Next Gen Wisconsin, we were given a presentation with three stages; 1) this is where we’ve been, 2) this is where we are, and 3) this is where we’re going. It was amazing to be given such perspective on what we need to do, as young leaders to make our communities what we want them to be. Or as Rebecca likes to put it, “No one is going to hand you a cape and say ‘Now you’re a leader.’ YOU have to grab that cape & go!” This statement means we all have to play a role in bettering ourselves and our community. The time to start thinking about making waves is now, while we’ve got the time to see the changes take place.

Rebecca gave an inspiring presentation and I feel as though I am ready to take on the challenges and obstacles in my life and prepare for a future that I believe in. I’ve got my cape and I plan to fly high!

If you missed out on Rebecca’s keynote, not to worry! You can view the recording of Next Gen Wisconsin on the YPWeek media site until May 17.

Want more from Rebecca Ryan? Follow her on Twitter at @ngcrebecca.