High-Tech scoring system to make debut at MAGNET Golf Outing


A brand new golf scoring system will make it's debut at the MAGNET golf outing on June 24th. Teams will be able to send a simple text message that will automatically update the live scoring system. Anyone with a web browser on their smartphone will be able to view the current scores and standings of all the teams participating. For those that will be having too much

fun to text their scores in, one of the golf outing assistants will be traveling around the course throughout the outing with an iPad and will be able to enter scores or edit incorrectly submitted scores.

The system was conceived and created by a team of local developers (who are also MAGNET members) which include Will Robus and Steve Brown of Thetasphere, LLC, and Stuart McIntosh of Mill City Group. The system leverages a text to web service called Twilio, a database platform called Filemaker, and standard web programming languages.

Upon sign in at the outing, each team will be given a 4-digit PIN number. After each hole is play

ed, a team member simply sends a text with their PIN, hole number, and score. The system checks what was submitted and either accepts it or rejects it with an explanation. All sores are managed via an iPad by the outing assistant.

Check out this image of the live system on an Iphone:

For the more experienced golfers, we are hoping this will amp up the competition.  For the less serious teams, this is a fun new twist on social outing, that should help you remember what

hole you had the best shot of day that gave your team the great score.