It's Time for Golf! Tales from the Course

Golf OutingMAGNET's 7th Annual Golf Outing is this Friday, June 14th! (Sign up here NOW if you haven't yet). If you're not a golfer, please join us for our after-party at Karben4 Brewery! We chatted with Chad, the winner of our Facebook contest, who won free twosome in the golf outing.

Chad lives in Madison with his wife and two boys, and has a child on the way. He is the director of engineering at Hopster, Inc., an internet startup here in Madison.

MAGNET: How long have you been golfing? What's your favorite part of the game?

CHAD: I've been golfing since I was a kid. I'm not competitive though, so it's very easy for me to enjoy even when I don't do as well. I think my favorite part about golf is its ability to accept so many skill levels. I'm not a great golfer, but I could play a pro golf course and still enjoy it.

MAGNET: What's the most interesting thing that has happened to you on a golf course?

CHAD: I was driving a cart with a friend when a group of geese attacked us. They chased us across three fairways. I don't know why they were so mad, but they charged right at us, flapping and quacking.

MAGNET: How has golf helped you network?

CHAD: Golfing has helped me network for sure, especially at charity golf events. Once a colleague and I were put into a foursome with two other gentlemen we didn't know. They were great guys and we had a blast. A year later my colleague went in for a job interview and one of those guys was part of the interview process (he had no idea). He got the job!

MAGNET: What advice do you have for first-time golfers on Friday?

CHAD: Don't even think about your score, just learn the rules and try to make contact with the ball. Don't get upset or angry; you're not supposed to be good. If you have to hit the ball a lot, just try to move at a brisk pace. If you are worried your group is waiting for you too often, buy them a round of drinks and you'll be everyone's favorite person.

Congrats again to Chad, and see you on the links!