Little Green Pencil: A MAGNET Original

By Will Robus

Born out of a daydream during a MAGNET board meeting, we launched a prototype live scoring system at the 2011 Annual MAGNET Golf Outing called Little Green Pencil. The idea was simple: use text messaging to drive a live “LeaderBoard” so teams knew how they were faring on the course.

Three years and many iterations later, my co-founders and I launched Little Green Pencil as a commercial product. Several outings have signed up to use it at their 2013 events, including the Mike & Jessica McCarthy Invitational, Smart Growth Get Zoned Outing, Greater Bucky Open, Ronald McDonald Golf Classic and Hackfest.

We have worked very hard to make scoring as fast and easy as possible. All golfers need to do is sign up to score for your team—it just takes 45 seconds and one text message! Simply text the score on each hole for your team, and you can follow the other teams via the live LeaderBoard webpage, accessible from your smartphone.

Little Green Pencil also brings a social component to the golf course. The LeaderBoard webpage has a Twitter feed which you can post to by using #MagnetsDayOff. There’s also an event message feed where event organizers can post messages to event participants. Teams with registered phones can post messages via text, in case you want to congratulate the group ahead of you for a great chip in.

We look forward to seeing you on the course June 14th!

Sign up for the Annual MAGNET Golf Outing here!