Madison, Wisconsin: Ground Floor For the Next Big Thing



At the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Annual dinner a couple weeks back, the Madison Magnet board felt uplifted and motivated to take our activities within the community to the next level. One of the major touch points of the event was the culture of innovation and talent in Madison - whether it was by Keynote speaker Eric Weiner, or stats presented by Chamber Present Zach Brandon we walked away with an immense respect for the member of our Madison Community.

As a professional organization targeted to 22-40 year olds there was a clear takeaway for us as well: talent recruitment and retention! The big Madison recruiters told the Chamber that ‘if I can get a recruit into Madison they are sold.’ The challenge comes in when the recruit can’t or won’t come to our gorgeous city.

So what can we do. Our goals as an organization are to connect professionals to others as well as to occupational and volunteer opportunities. This fits nicely into the  recruit and retain talent goals of the Chambers, so what are we doing?

Magnet’s mission is directly related to our goal. Our three event planning committees, Professional Development, Community Involvement and Social are dedicated to elevating Professionals who are kicking ‘butt’ and taking names in the Madison community. By building a community of doers and shakers our goal is to retain talent and foster new innovations along the way.