MAGNET Derby Party: Crowning Glory

By Corinn Ploessl

The Kentucky Derby is all about the horse racing...well, sort of. One reason many people attend the Derby or a viewing party is to wear an oversized, prominent hat! Whether you’re trying to fit in or stand out, a derby hat or “bowler” is the most important accessory for the event.

Since MAGNET is hosting a Derby party on May 4, start thinking about your topper now! Ladies, it has been said that you should buy the hat first then choose your ensemble to complement your hat. In fact, a hat is a good-luck symbol and supposedly improves one’s chance of choosing the winning horse--so you wouldn't want to make any mistakes!

There are no rules or limits when it comes to a hat for the Derby--it can be decorated with flowers, ribbons, feathers and bows of all sizes and colors to express creativity and uniqueness. A big black hat with some form of embellishment

is always a favorite.

We’re looking forward to seeing you (and of all the hats!) at MAGNET’s upcoming Derby Party on May 4th at the Elks Lodge. RSVP today, and may the best hat win!