Magnet "Masqued in Mystery" Holiday Party - Recap for those Who Missed Out

By Brad Grzesiak

As prescribed by most ancient tradition, Magnet hosted its annual holiday party last Thursday  at The Bayou in downtown Madison. Themed as a masquerade, the New Orleans ambiance of The Bayou made one feel transported not only to the South but also back in time. My only disappointment was the lack of southern drawls!

I attended with my +1, and upon arriving, we were greeted with an introduction to the evening's festivities and a few supplementary Venetian masks. Fortunately for the two of us, we came prepared.


After procuring a few New Orleans-themed drinks—the French 75 was quite delicious—we sampled the impressive spread of finger foods. We then wended our way back to the bar, taking the time to meet some new folks and catch up with old friends.

It was at about that time when the costume contest began. Two lucky  winners emerged and were each presented with a bottle of congratulatory wine. Throughout the night, another contest took place where party-goers could peruse photos and descriptions of famous masquerade attendees of the past. Among the six famous individuals, one had been mortally wounded at a masquerade ball and, as a sort of "Who Dunnit?" game, guessing the correct victim got you entered into a drawing for a year-long membership to Magnet! As the two of us left a little early to hurry on to the next holiday party, my companion dropped her guess into the fishbowl. As it turns out, not only did she guess correctly, but she also won the membership!

All in all, I'd have to say this year's holiday party set the new standard for Magnet. Lots of fun, great people, and a wonderful setting led to a great night out. And as a bonus, the evening's weather cooperated quite nicely. Hope to see you all at the next event!