New Board Of Director: Introducing Alex Vitanye


Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our newest member of the Board of Directors, Alex Vitanye.

Magnet Members cover all demographics, occupations and interests. That's what makes the largest young professional organization in Madison so special. It's important to us in our goal to elevate young professionals that we are showing off the talented individuals who make up our membership list and committees. We’d love you to meet the amazing, talented and driven Alex Vitanye! 

Alex is the Manager of Business Development with Learfield/Badger Sports Properties (corporate sponsorship arm of UW Athletics). Yes, UW Athletics - talk about every business manager's dream job, we'll have to do a day in the life series soon! 

Alex has been a member of Magnet since April and has already made a major impact as a member of the Community Involvement Committee and Professional Development Committee! We sat down with Alex to peel back his professional, polished exterior and understand his hopes, dreams, and vision for Magnet! 

Tell us something that might surprise you:

I moonlight as a high school basketball official, so be nice to the guys in stripes! 

You've got a pretty amazing position! What do you love about your job? 

1.     The opportunity to meet with a lot of professional leaders and businesses in our area

2.     The process of building our partnership programs, dreaming and executing with our clients to help them grow their businesses

Tell us about the greatest challenge you've had to overcome:

I was laid off from my job early in my career. The experience taught me a lot about humility, the importance of workplace culture and leadership, and the value of relationships for personal and professional support. 

To piggyback off of that, this is an important time to be young and growing a career, what scares you the most? What excites you the most?

I’d answer the same to both: the next generation of workforce talent.  Being on the UW-Madison campus daily, I see a lot of very smart, highly motivated “kids” that will be my peers in due time.  It’s exciting because they bring a fresh perspective, new ideas, innovations that could improve how my company does business and serves our clients.  It’s scary because it’s hard to keep up with them!

What's your dream, or next step in your career? 

Long-term: C-Level position with a sports team/organization focusing on corporate partnerships.  Short-term: Leading a partnership development team, either as a General Manager, Director, etc. of team/property.

What's your life philosophy, what drives how you've and why? 

Keeping things in perspective.  We’re in the business of fun, serving as a gathering point or at times a distraction from our customers’ and fans’ daily grind.  Knowing our games and events are where people go to unwind keeps me level-headed even when work stress builds up.  That philosophy also applies to our home, so I’m more inclined lately to let my wife win the “what should we watch on Netflix” debate…

What is your proudest professional accomplishment:

Only about a quarter of our salesforce across the country hits their goal each season, so hitting it multiple times during my time with Learfield has been a highlight

Being from Cleveland, Ohio, if you were to try to convince someone to move to Madison, what would you say to them? 

I’ve stopped trying to use words and have resorted to sending pictures to friends instead.  The Terrace in the spring and summer, Camp Randall and around town on game days in the fall, and one of my personal favorites, the Capitol at night in the winter are for more eloquent than I could ever describe in words.

Why did you become a magnet member? 

My objectives in joining were to network with professionals in my peer group, opportunities to develop as a professional and to give back to the Madison community! I've found that in Madison Magnet particularly with the breadth of industries this organization represents!