Member Feature: Aubree Javaherian

By Jaime Rowe

With a last name that translates to “Family of Jewelers” it is no surprise that Aubree Javaherian and her husband are carrying on the tradition of jewelry design. Her husband is a 10th generation jeweler and Aubree has been in the wedding/creative industry for years; having recently sold her first business. She recognized that her experience would complement his and starting their own company was a natural progression. As a young entrepreneur Aubree brings a unique outlook and skill set to Madison Magnet. She is currently serving on the Membership and Marketing Committee and loves the variety of events Magnet offers. In this spotlight Aubree shares her insights about moving to Madison and being an Entrepreneur.

Job Title:

Co-Founder & Designer


Soha Diamond Co.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Getting to help couples pick designs, or help them create something totally new, is so exciting to me and I don't think I'll ever get tired of that. Seeing their smiles when they pick up the ring and seeing photos from the proposal makes this business so sweet, and in my opinion, a lifetime career.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you?

While originally from Wisconsin, my husband and I had the opportunity years ago to live in Southern California for a year and a half. We had fun but still chose to come back to Madison because we love it so much.

If you were to try and convince someone to move to Madison, what would you say to them?

If you love the activities available of a big city, but the overall feel of a smaller one, Madison cannot be beat.

As an Entrepreneur you may not always find yourself in the traditionally structured position where you can “ask the boss”, has this presented any specific challenges? Where do you turn for mentoring/advice/instruction?

As entrepreneurs, we're typically "on our own" as far as making decisions and running this on a day-to-day basis. We really considered this when we were looking for our new space, and that is why we chose StartingBlock (within the Spark building), compared to a stand-alone office as they provide a community of not only entrepreneurs, but like-minded individuals from a variety of backgrounds that doesn't leave us feeling so isolated. We share common challenges and frustrations, so it provides a space to talk to others about it and get advice. I also frequently listen to podcasts that cater to entrepreneurs, because there are so many different topics to choose from and listen at my convenience from people with real-world advice. It was a challenge in the beginning of starting our business because I wasn't assertive or had any experience making "executive" decisions, but over time things became clear on how I, along with my husband, want to run our business. It's a little nerve-wracking at times because this means if you make a wrong move, it's all on you to fix. But that's all part of the process, as well!

Do you have any advice for YPs that are thinking of going into business for themselves?

My advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business would be to do your research before you start, including a business plan. If you're okay with long days/hours (we work seven days a week), not always getting a steady paycheck (or even being able to pay yourself right away), and ups and downs in the day-to-day, then I'd say, pursue it. The benefits of working for yourself, making your own schedule, and doing something you love every single day may just pay off.

What is your dream, or next step in your career?

We currently have a small office, but my dream would be to have our own charming little studio that I get to decorate from the bottom up! It would be great to have a bigger physical space and also continue to grow our ecommerce store.

Check out Aubree at Soha Diamond Co. in the Spark Building 821 East Washington Ave Madison or online at