Member-to-Member: Corinn Ploessl

This is a new blog series where we will be introducing different Magnet Members - if you are interested in being featured, please email Elizabeth Purcell at!  corinnName: Corinn Ploessl

Years in Magnet: 3.5

Position: Board President (January 2014 – Present)

What prompted you to join Magnet?

During my first week as a new employee at Wegner CPAs, a guest presenter (Dan Paulson) told me I should join Magnet. At the time, I was a very recent college grad and I wanted to understand my job before jumping into an organization were a lot of people were going to ask, “What do you do?” Even though I grew up near Madison, I didn’t know many people and wanted to start building my network of friends and contacts. So, about a year into my career, I decided to find out more about Magnet. There was a call out for Professional Development Committee members to help plan a speed networking event, so I decide to jump in and help! From there, I assisted with several professional events, then jumped to a role in the Community Involvement Committee and soon after I was leading Magnet’s volunteer events and community outreach. After two years of being a member, I was nominated to the Board and after 1 year on the board I ran for President. I kind of took the fast-track to leadership within the organization, but I am so happy I did. I am currently in my second year as President and I am so excited about how far the organization has come since I became a member. I look forward to what Magnet has planned for the future and I am glad I get to be a part of it!

What is your favorite thing about being part of Magnet?

My favorite thing about Magnet is making connections. I’ve made so many connections through Magnet, both professional resources and friends. It’s weird, but Madison really is a small city where we’re all connected and intertwined. I enjoy seeing familiar faces from Magnet at community events and fundraisers. It reinforces that our organization’s members are some of the most involved young professionals in our community.

What do you do when you’re not working or hanging out with other Magnet members?

When I’m not working or hanging out with my Magnet friends, I am working on Magnet initiatives. Just kidding, sort of. Outside of any kind of work, I enjoy kickboxing and running. I like to run various 5Ks around the city – it’s a great way to give back to a community organization or cause while seeing different sites in Madison. I really like taking advantage of all Madison has to offer, so you can find me checking out new restaurants in town, kayaking on the lakes in the summer, or heading to Indian Lake or Devils Lake to do some hiking. I also enjoy getting friends together for a brewery or winery tour.

Tell us something about yourself that most people probably don’t know.

Some people may not know that I am a fraternal twin. I have a sister, Sondra, who is a nurse at the UW. She has attended a few Magnet events, but since we barely look related, most people don’t know that we’re actually twins!

What achievement are you most proud of?

The achievement I am most proud of is being honored as Emerging Leader of the Year in 2014. On any given day, my friends are amazed at the amount of things I am involved in. I am the kind of person who likes to have stuff to do; and I really enjoy meeting new people. I am in two different leadership roles in the community. This, coupled with my passion for Madison, spirals into attending lots of events, fundraisers, and volunteer projects. I consider the award an accomplishment because it was an honor to be recognized as a young professional making a difference in Madison.

Money aside, what is your dream job? 

If I had my choice of dream job, I would be a lifestyle/travel blogger. In addition, I would enroll in a baking and pastry arts program and be baker and pastry chef on the side. I suppose I could blog about that too!