"Own your Power": Recap of Connect. Inspire. Empower. Event

Photo courtesy of  Building Brave .

Photo courtesy of Building Brave.

Authored by Laura Doolin, Magnet Board Member + Community Involvement Committee Chair

“Own your power,” said Lisa Peyton-Caire to the group of women who were listening on the edges of their seats. Peyton-Caire is the Founder and President of The Foundation of Black Women’s Wellness and was one of the nine motivating women who shared the stage at Building Brave’s event on October 11th, Connect. Inspire. Empower. In the crowd were several Magnet members, soaking in the stories of successes and failures, strengths and struggles.

Magnet members left the event certainly feeling inspired and empowered, but the connections extended beyond the evening’s discussions. Magnet members were able join the launch team of Building Brave’s new app which went live on October 18, 2017. The Building Brave app creates a safe space for women to grow personally, professionally, and in the company of other women.

The idea for Building Brave came after creator Mary Burke lost the gubernatorial election in 2014, but felt uplifted by the encouragement and support of women nonetheless. It is the goal of the Building Brave app to create a global community of women who can empower and encourage one another through interactive activities and honest discussions.

Although it is based in Madison, Building Brave is hoping to develop a network of women that runs 10 million strong. Magnet members are excited to be some of the first hundred users on the road to that 10 million goal. Aligning with our pillar of Professional Development, Building Brave is a unique resource for young professionals and college-aged women on the journey to becoming their best selves. We are privileged to be involved with such a wonderful non-profit that, like Magnet, recognizes the importance of encouragement and community for young professionals.