Welcome New Board Members!

In 2017, we've welcomed 3 new board members to the team.

Allow us to introduce:

Monica Hickey

Monica is the Director of Client Services for Ideas That Evoke, where she is responsible for providing strategic client direction, building new relationships, and maintaining existing client relationships.

As a digital native, Monica understands that social media has changed the landscape of communication between brands and consumers, and leads the way in discovering, incubating and accelerating innovation that addresses client's business needs.

Tim Bickmore

For the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to call Madison, WI home. When my business partners and I started LBW Wealth Management (LBW) over a year ago, my local network was slim-to-none. If Madison was going to be my home for years to come, not having a strong professional and personal network was out of the question. So, I began my search to find groups where I could find like-minded people and make professional and personal connections.

After researching (i.e. googling “local meet up groups”), I stumbled across Madison Magnet – a group for young professionals providing opportunities to develop, socially, professionally, and civically. After reading more and speaking with current members, I decided it would be beneficial to get my feet wet by coming to Magnet’s Happy Hour events. At first, I was apprehensive in joining the group, but the happy hours were free and as a start-up, we had limited funds to allocate to events. As I continued to go to more events, I met more people and started learning the ropes. One event in particular put me over the edge – the Madison Magnet Annual Golf Outing. I was lucky enough to join a foursome of members who truly take advantage of what Magnet brings to the table. They were either current or past board members, had been involved in or led one or more committee groups, and attended a plethora of events.

After listening to their experiences with Magnet and to see how close they were, I knew that Magnet was the right group for LBW and me. That event showed me the true potential Magnet has not only for myself, but for the community of Madison. The foursome discussed civic events, social events, professional development events, as if they all were college buddies reminiscing of old times. At that point I knew there were others like me who could benefit from a group that not only provides opportunities to grow professionally and personally, but to do so with other like-minded people. I saw this potential and knew being a member wasn’t enough – I needed to become an active member! So, I did. I joined Magnet roughly six months ago, and recently became a board member and a member of the professional development committee. I joined Magnet because I want Madison to be the best it can be and Magnet is a piece to that puzzle. So, I went from apprehensive- to all in, and I don’t plan on looking back!

Kayla Leverton

Kayla is the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Community Sites Market at Forte Research System. Forte specializes in developing software that supports clinical research. In her role, Kayla works with small- to mid-sized research organizations to identify technical solutions that will help streamline operations.

Kayla has been watching Magnet from the sidelines for quite some time, but when the call for Board applications came out, she decided to dive right in. Kayla is passionate about fostering a strong community of young professionals in Madison, and she's looking forward to getting started in her role on the Board!