Speed Networking - Magnet Ups the Anty

by Aubree

Networking is something that is not only beneficial, it's necessary if you want to expand your network of business contacts or friendships. However, typical networking events may evoke panic, boredom, or at least sweaty palms, for most people. But what if there was a twist to the standard networking event?

Enter Magnet's recent event, Speed Networking with Buzzword Bingo at Hopcat. This was a refreshing take on the standard "What's your name and where do you work?" type of questions. Breaking through the surface level type of talk was the goal, and with buzzwords like "Love Languages" "Texting vs. Calling" and "Manifesting your Life", it was fun to dig a little deeper and have interesting, while short, conversations. After three minutes of chatting, it was onto the next conversation, with a chance at the end of the whole round to stay and talk further with anyone you may have wanted to continue the conversation with. Personally, I learned some new things as well, like the different types of love languages, and some awesome local restaurants I have not yet been to. 

I loved having the chance to have interesting discussions with people, but in the format of short-and-sweet to have more opportunities to meet people. Hopefully, there will be another Speed Networking event in the future. Sign me up!

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