Successful Speed Networking and a Cool Networking Tool!

By Steve Van Dinter

Thanks to everyone who came out to last Tuesday's Speed Networking event! Take a look at the photo below and you'll see people not only engaged, but truly energized by the electricity in the room. A total of 40 people made it

to the event, which was a perfect size! The group was set up in pairs, with 20 people in an outside ring, and 20 people on an inside ring. Networking segments were 3 minutes each--meaning attendees had to get their pitch perfect or they'd run out of time! After an hour (and with some wiggle room for those who wanted to talk a few seconds more once the whistle sounded) attendees ended up meeting about 15 new people.

The night was so successful our MAGNET board is looking to host a similar event in the fall. So for those of you who attended, what would you like to see changed? How can we make the time more valuable for you? Would you like to see the format, the amount of time spent with each person, time of day or venue changed? Or did it seem to run smoothly? Let us know in the comments section below!

Why Network?

I've had people ask me before why they should be networking, especially if they feel they know too many people already or just aren't that interested in meeting new people. The simple answer is because it could set the foundation for a new opportunity in the future! According to a recent report from ABC News, 80 percent of today's jobs are landed through networking! So if you're hardworking and successful in your current position, you still could be overlooked for that next job if you don't know anyone who can get you an "in."

Cool Tools

Many of us are still learning how to network, and for a quick overview of how to do it, check out this site: Knowing How to Network.

When you network, you're going to pick up a lot of business cards. You know you need to follow up with those you met, but how in the world are you supposed to organize those cards you picked up? That's where technology can help. There's a great app called CamCard available for Android, Blackberry and iOS. You take a picture of the business card using the app and it automatically creates a contact with that information and populates all of the fields. The free version lets you load 20-30 cards off the bat and then you can add 2-3 more for free a week. Or pay the nominal fee for the app and scan in unlimited business cards. Not only will this keep you organized but it could save you when a person's business cards are running scarce. To download, visit and click on your mobile OS version to launch your app store.