Taylor Kohlmann

Be "On Par" With Your Golf Course Attire


By: Taylor Kohlmann With our annual golf outing quickly approaching, we thought it would be a good time to share some tips on how to dress your best for the golf course. So whether you’re a frequent golfer or a golfing newbie, check out these rules on appropriate apparel. And be sure to sign up for #MagnetsDayOff at Pleasant View Golf Course on Friday, June 19th.

For men, appropriate attire typically means a pullover shirt with a collar, polo shirt, sweater, windbreaker, fleece, or vest. Avoid tank tops, t-shirts, or shirts with inappropriate words or images. Pants or shorts made of linen, khaki or cotton are appropriate. Be sure to tuck in your shirt, and maybe even polish off the look with a belt. In most cases, jeans and athletic shorts are not acceptable on the course. In terms of footwear, if you don’t have golf shoes, most places prefer you wear soft spikes or a good pair of tennis shoes.

For women golfers, try out a polo (tank or tee) with a skirt, skort, Bermuda shorts, or pants. Make sure your skirt, skort, or shorts are an appropriate length; typically that means near your fingertips. Avoid gym shorts, short shorts, or cutoffs. If it’s a chilly day, grab a sweater, pullover, or windbreaker to stay warm. Footwear can be a golf shoe, soft spike or good pair of sneakers. Stay away from street shoes with a heel because the heel could make an impression in the green.

Check out these looks for some inspiration:

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