Thinking of Joining Magnet?

I am thinking of joining MAGNET…I just joined MAGNET…I want to get involved…What next? I love answering these questions, because regardless of which one is being asked, I know this person is ready to be a part of the excellent network that exists within the organization. But, really, how do you get started?

I always tell people the best way to get a feel for the group is to come out

to an event. With an average of 4 events a month, there is no shortage of getting a MAGNET date on your calendar. When you come, make sure you have an open mind and you are ready to make connections. Find ways to connect with others both with their professional and also personal lives. You may just find your 4th bowler for your league team.

If you are not ready to come to an event, and you want more information, please contact me ( and I will answer all your questions. You will automatically know one person at the next event that you attend! Mostly, MAGNET is here for you

and for your growth, so ask questions, volunteer, attend events, and make MAGNET better.

Being a part of a network can be good thing for your business. Being a part of an awesome network full of bright talent, can be a great thing for your business and for you. Starting your awesome network is as easy as coming out to a MAGNET event.