Top of Mind: Design Thinking

by Drew Kemp-Baird

Me: What’s this “Magnet book club”?

 Committee Leader: Oh, it’s this event we’re thinking about starting where a Magnet member could present on a topic they’re interested in or do for a living and could assign articles ahead of time so people could better prepare for the discussion.

 Me: So it’s not really a book club.

 Committee Leader:  Not really.  We just don’t have a better name for it yet.

 Me: Well, I’ll do the first one on the topic of thinking like a designer.

And so the “Top of Mind” series was set.  First topic: how to think like a designer.  Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018.  One Barrel Brewing Company.  Be there or be square.

Thinking like a designer is about more than carrying around a Moleskine and a Micron, waiting for inspiration to strike.  It’s about understanding—encoding what exists in order to visualize connections and identify shortcomings.  It’s about synthesis—creating a broad framework to guide creative thoughts through production.  It’s about balance—orchestrating clarity and mystery, repetition and reach, simplicity and complexity in an appealing yet rational way.  It’s about communication—representing those ideas and empowering others to see things as they hadn’t before.  Thinking like a designer embodies not only the intrigue of an engaged individual, but the essence of a creator and a leader.

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