What to Wear to Magnet’s Masqued in Mystery Holiday Party

Magnet’s Masqued in Mystery Holiday Party is one week away, and it’s time to start planning that masquerade ensemble! Masqued in Mystery will be a formal affair with a black, white, and silver theme. Think feathers, lights, beads, and masks galore.


We’ve scoped the web for the best masquerade party outfits for both guys and gals. And the best part? You shouldn’t have to look any further than your very own closet.


Girls’ masquerade attire is formal but definitely varies in style and color.


Must haves:

-A mask!: (No brainer, right?) This is the piece that ties your whole outfit together. Here’s your chance to get creative. There are no rules.

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-Dress or gown: Masquerade dresses can be any length (cocktail to floor length), color (black, red, chartreuse, and everything in between), or shape (sleek, poofy, a-line, you name it). Chances are, you ladies probably already own a dress that will work great for the event.

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-Shoes: Heels are most commonly worn at masquerade balls, but if you’re like me, walking, let alone dancing, in heels is nearly impossible. Wear whatever you’re most comfortable in and rock it.

-Jewelry: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Add in a fun, matching ring, necklace or earrings to complete your look.



Guys’ masquerade attire is formal, and generally follows a black and white color theme.


Must haves:

-A mask! Like stated above, the mask pulls the whole outfit together. Though not nearly as extravagant as masks made for women, there are still some pretty cool male masquerade masks out there.

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-Suit or tuxedo: Time to get fancy, gentlemen! Masquerade balls call for a nice black suit with neck or bow tie. Add in a nice pair of shoes and pocket square and you have yourself a complete, masquerade-ready outfit.

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Where to find the perfect mask 

We know by now that the mask is the most important part of your outfit. But where in the Madison area can you find the perfect mask? We’ve got you covered.

Party City West side location 223 Junction Rd Madison, WI 53717

East side location 2031 Zeier Rd Madison, WI 53704

Mallatt’s Costumes & Accessories Madison location 1255 Williamson St Madison, WI 53703

Waunakee location 233 S Century Ave Waunakee, WI 53597

Madison Theatre Guild Monroe St. location 2410 Monroe St Madison, WI 53711

Earthbound Trading Company State St. location 508 State St Madison, WI 53703


RSVP today for Magnet's Masqued in Mystery Holiday Party! And happy masquerading.