Why Madison, Wisconsin Attracts More Millennials Than Any Other City

By: Aubree

Inc.com’s recent article says Madison, Wisconsin attracts more millennials than any other city in the country. In fact, it has the highest concentration of millennials compared to other tech cities at 26%. It’s no secret that Madison consistently makes it to the top of many lists; Best for young entrepreneurs, fittest city, livability for young professionals, Healthiest, Most Caring, Super Cool...you get the picture. For those who reside here, we already get it, but here are some reasons why Inc.com believes that it’s a great place to live if you’re a millennial.

Culture of tech & innovation

With the large area universities and colleges, plus large employers in the tech and healthcare fields, the Madison area provides lots of opportunity, with more tech jobs available than graduates. There is also an array of incubators and accelerators to help the growth of local startups make it easier than ever to connect and network with like-minded individuals, experts, and entrepreneurs. Finally the young professional groups! Madison’s organizations don’t ‘just plan happy hours,’ they are building a culture of elevation. A great example is Magnet’s upcoming event: YP to VP panel!

  1. Quality of life

Coupling the lower cost of living (Madison is 2 percent below the national average) with the high “livability” score, the quality of life available here is second to none. Apart from the business-friendly aspect, it also offers so much in entertainment and attractions, like music venues, nightlife, highly reviewed restaurants, outdoor recreation, festivals, and more. The average commute time is under 20 minutes, making it easier to get home earlier and enjoy the things you love the most.

  1. It’s a big small city

Ask anybody who loves Madison why they do, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear it’s because it’s a “big-small city.” That’s a great thing, because it makes the above so attainable! There is something for everybody, from a family in the suburbs to a twenty-something in the heart of downtown. World-class attractions are available and easy to get to, and many events or attractions are available for free. In the business world, you’ll find so many resources and people willing and available to help that may be harder in big cities, which tends to be more cut-throat and less apt to lend a helping hand.

What would you add to this list?

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