What Will You Accomplish in 2015?

By: Corinn Ploessl

2015 is upon us. Now is the time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish next year. Typical New Year’s resolutions include dieting, losing weight, saving more money or quitting a bad habit. I challenge you to think outside the box this year – to make one resolution to better yourself and our community. Maybe it’s to volunteer more, or meet new people, or get involved in an organization.

I recently read an article on how we, Millennials are drastically changing the workforce and in 2015 we’ll make up more than half of it! The article testifies that Millennials are strong contenders in our chosen fields. We’re willing to adapt to change and are excellent at expanding our networks. We’re constantly thinking ‘big picture’ and are quick to react to help companies stay competitive in a fast-paced environment. We’re creating a name for ourselves in the workforce and it’s wise to create goals to reflect the change we want to see.

As Millennials, we are often pegged with the stereotype of being “lazy.” We grew up in a time of being connected with a few clicks of a button or taps on a screen. We have vast knowledge and resources at our fingertips. Let’s break the stereotypes and prove those people wrong. Our generation is full of go-getters and do-gooders. We can make resolutions that will make a difference and that’s what I challenge you to do. If you want to lose weight – that’s great and I wish you good luck with the dieting, but I hope you’ll find a way to get involved and give back in 2015.