Wisconsin Young Professional Award Winners Announced

This weekend at the second annual 2018 Charity Fete benefiting The Road Home Dane County, Madison Magnet announced the winners of the 2018 Wisconsin Young Professional Awards!

In 2017 Madison Magnet, Madison’s largest Young Professional organization launched the Wisconsin Young Professional Awards as a tool to elevate the work of young professionals across the state of Wisconsin. The platform awards three Wisconsin Young Professionals who are acknowledged by the community to benefit professionals through community involvement, professional development and networking.

Mission Possible

This award is given to the Wisconsin Young Professional who is constantly working to elevate the professional development opportunities for other YPs in the community.

2018 Mission Possible Award Winner: Jillian Bloome, Vice President Digital Ring


Jillian goes above and beyond simply being a "boss" of the accounts team at The Digital Ring. She acts as a mentor, going out of her way to help her team discover their strengths and grow in their careers.

After a notable career at a startup based in the Bay area, Jillian began working as a VP at The Digital Ring, where she has shared lessons from her extensive experience with a team of roughly 10 young professionals. In her role, she has not only helped to grow the business, but has done extensive work to streamline and implement internal processes for the benefit of the overall group.

Jillian is an extremely hard worker and always wants to improve by investing in not only her future, but the future of everyone around her. She is a fearless leader for young professionals by simply showing how hard work and dedication pays off. She works tirelessly to deliver amazing results for everything she does. She gives "young professional" a good name because of her outstanding work ethic and embracing any obstacle or challenge that faces her. She does not let "youth" stand in the way of achieving any goal - a quality that makes her an excellent role model.
She's constantly pushing our entire team to be the best we can be, personally and professionally. Her strong leadership and commitment to our team is something I admire and aspire to become as I grow in my career. At only 28, she's accomplished so many professional goals and is truly a role model for everyone at The Digital Ring and the greater Madison young professional community.


(Community Involvement): This award is given to the Madison Young Professional who exemplifies qualities of one who is offering their time or services to better those less fortunate.

2018 Impact Award Winner: Katie Hensel, Founder Tri4Schools


Katie shows the young professional community what can truly be achieved if you go after your dreams. Katie has a passion and dedication to improving the health of children in Dane county and beyond. She quit a comfortable job to start Tri 4 Schools and has worked incredibly hard over the last seven years to build her vision. She is an inspiration to any young professional that is considering how they can make an impact in their community. She had a vision and she went after it. She works hard every day and it is all for the betterment of children in the community.

Tri 4 Schools uses the sports of swimming, biking, and running as platforms to get kids active and fight childhood obesity. Events and programs aim to teach children about setting and achieving goals, fitness, nutrition, sportsmanship and self-confidence. Part of the mission to teach the next generation is to help empower schools to teach their students about these valuable life skills. The vast majority of race entrance fees goes back to the schools that the kids attend. To date Tri 4 Schools has given back over $225,000 to local schools - literally changing lives and significantly increasing annual budgets for teachers in health and fitness throughout Dane county. Katie is building a legacy that not only is scalable but that will truly have a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and on whole communities.

Spirited Connector

(Social Butterfly): This award is given to the Wisconsin Young Professional who exemplifies the qualities of social networking.

 2018 Spirited Connector Award Winner: Sarah Van Dyke, Owner of Revel

Sarah VD headshot spring 2018 square.jpg

Sarah opened Revel in spring of 2016 as a fun gathering space for events ranging from bridal showers to company gatherings and graduation parties. Their craft bar offers open hours to pop in with your girlfriends and create memorable crafts projects while sipping prosecco on tap, and they have instructor-guided classes like glass etching and coaster-making for those that are hoping for a little more direction with their crafting.

Revel has an extremely welcoming atmosphere and has definitely brought Sarah's amazing vision as of a fun gathering space near the Capitol Square to life.

Sarah is the perfect example of someone who took their creative vision and ran with it and has thrived in the process and is now able to share her gift and passion with people of all ages around the Madison area. Her warm demeanor is infectious, and social media presence constantly draws people into Revel for event after event. Revel events have become "the place to be," and that is exactly the mindset that Magnet is driving towards growing to be.

These winners proceed the 2017 Award Winners Mission Possible, Scott Resnick, Spirited Connector, Corinn Ploessl and Impact, Winnie Karanja. Winners and nominees were nominated by their young professional peers in Wisconsin. Fifteen nominees were chosen by the Madison Magnet board to be voted upon by the general public via social media and a panel of Wisconsin Leaders.